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She personally delivered my pieces pressed and ready to go. What I did not expect was for her to come prepared with all of her kits, tools, and sewing materials just in case any repairs or additions were needed on the spot...Once the fitting was finished, Chaendra also provided me with some helpful fashion tips and tricks for those pieces in my closet that I never touch. I highly recommended Chaendra and her expertise. She is strategic, smart, holds her vision and, pushes the envelope with each look." 

Christelle Jean-Chow, Business Owner


Chaendra Gittens of Revived Fashion has blessed me with looks I never thought I would ever wear...I am a huge supporter of Chaendra and Revived Fashion, especially because not only does she work hard, she is unique in her craft.  She creates amazing looks using pieces that were thought to be forgotten.  She has proven that anything can be made out of anything.  It just takes a vision and belief in oneself. 

Coco Leah, Music Artist

                We believe in the mantra, "one man's trash is another man's treasure"! Our objective is to make recycling apparel and accessories fashionable by "reviving" each piece with our unique designs to give true fashion-lovers exclusive, one of a kind pieces that they can truly make their own (and that no one else will have). Originally founded by an Afro-centric Designer, Adjoa Atelier, and an experienced Fashion Stylist with a love for all things Glam, Chaendra V. Gittens, “Revived Clothing & Designs”, was born and officially soft- launched as of March 2017.


          Co-founder, Chaendra Gittens, has been working as a Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper, and Style Blogger since 2008 and is still going strong working on a variety of projects to date.


             She has worked on multiple published photo shoots (magazines, promo, etc.), fashion shows, movie sets, and music videos with the likes of signed models, actors, and upcoming music artists. Her style ranges from a mix of classic, retro-chic street style to editorial fashion for men and women.


         Now solely owned and operated by Chaendra, there is a lot of excitement for what the future holds. New designs are said to be underway as we speak and her newest creation, the "Sand" collection, was launched in June 2021 and said to go live this month after the line's showing in "Startup Fashion Week"! Chaendra also recently gained recognition as a nominee for the RBC Women of Influence: Female Entrepreneur of the year Award for her work with the line and fashion industry! This is just the beginning, but her vision is to continue bringing one of a kind designs to the public on a more national scale. Eventually, “Revived” wants to be known as an international brand, but until then, sky’s the limit. 


  "Art and passion will always bring the right people together."

 - Chaendra V. Gittens 


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